Restaurant Montrose

Restaurant Montrose

At Restaurant Montrose we are specialist in Chinese food we work hard every day looking for the satisfaction of all our clients, for every meal we dedicate our effort and attention to make it delicious and special. You won't taste Chinese food so delicious in other restaurant. Take a look to our wide menu, there is going to be difficult to make a choice. At Restaurant Montrose we have delivery service so order online or by phone. You can also come at 6550 Somerled for pick up.

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Restaurant Montrose
Restaurant Montrose

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Restaurant Montrose
Dream catcher

-First time ordering and it did not disappoint. Ordered combo #1 and paired it with peanut butter dumplings and general Tao chicken. The food was very tasty, portions were generous and the price was reasonable. Looking forward to ordering again very soon.-

Restaurant Montrose
Restaurant Montrose
Ellen Smart

-I ordered for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised! The delivery was very fast! I ordered the combo #2 for 1 person and I will have plenty for a 2nd or even a 3rd meal! General Tao chicken just right for me not too sweet and not to spicy...Beef & brocolli very tasty, spring rolls light & crispy, chicken fried rice just right. The chicken wings are very good as well! I didn't have the won ton soup yet but I am very glad that I ordered today and I will order again soon!-

Restaurant Montrose
Restaurant Montrose
Amanda Johnson

-The food is good !! order here once a month always fast delivery-

Restaurant Montrose
Restaurant Montrose
Peter Piotrek

-If you like hot and sour soup this place has the best mix of hot and sour on the island a soup that is well balanced , tasty and delicious I recommend trying their hot and sour and see for yourself , haven't ordered anything else besides the soup so I cannot comment on the other menu items but if u want a tasty hot and sour this is the place , enjoy-

Restaurant Montrose
Restaurant Montrose
Chloë Nault

-4 stars for their bubble tea!! Ordered the coconut and the mango. The flavours were delicious and the tapioca was fresh. I just wish they had an option for larger sizes and for regular milk tea.-

Restaurant Montrose